“I am learning patience. I am learning resilience. I am learning that I do not have to be perfect and that life is not a competition. Quite simply, I am learning to love myself for who I am, TODAY! The very thing I sought to find out almost five years ago when I first got sober, is coming to me each and every day on the mat.” 

-Mike S

“Hot yoga had a healing effect for someone that has struggled with addictions,
horrific body issues, eating disorders, and a restless mind.”

-Vanessa H.

“This yoga saved my life in many ways. I always found my yoga teachers were like my doctor and the yoga was my medicine. 

 That is why I’m a teacher to pay it forward.  It’s ok to be broken. It’s not ok to give up.”
 -Elene mother of 4


“Some things are not easy to say out loud. Things about being sexually abused, raped,  and about using drugs and alcohol to hide behind for 35 years.  They make me feel raw, naked, and exposed. The physical aspectsof the yoga practice are beneficial in many ways, absolutely, but the true benefits for me are related to what it does for my heart and my brain; an access to openness that I did not have before, a crucial part of my healing.  There are  less broken fragments now and a bit more wholeness.  I am reconnecting to parts of myself long forgotten. I am learning to be kinder and gentler towards myself.  I am learning to be more
trusting and vulnerable.”


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