Jeanne Heaton

Jeanne’s journey began with the deep realization that if she were to save her life she would need to change it, entirely.


Jeanne moved to NYC to study theatre to be an actor and writer but ended up becoming a homeless and penniless heroin addict instead. After years of debilitating addiction, she finally surrendered and put herself into a bottom-of-the-barrel hard core drug detox in Jamaica, Queens. She lived there for 19 months to detox all opiates, including methadone, Xanax, cocaine and booze and to try to learn how to stay clean.  

But when she tried to re-enter society, the harm inflicted on her body from years of I.V. drug and pain of childhood trauma lodged in her body was taking it's toll. She knew that there was no way she was going to stay clean. 


AND that was when she found hot yoga. It was during her very first class, when she knew, that this was the missing ingredient to her recovery

but even more importantly, was the missing ingredient to everyone's recovery.


Jeanne was awarded the 2010 Bikram Teacher Training Scholarship and founded the non-profit, ‘One Posture at a Time’ with Pure Action.org in Texas and Jolin Conine of Fuel Hot Yoga in Athens GA.

Thousands of hours have been dedicated to bringing yoga and mindfulness to recovering alcoholics and addicts from New York City, Athens, Texas, and our list keeps growing. 


Jeanne's also completed Trauma Training and Somatic Experiencing training, has given seminars on the Role of Yoga in Addiction Treatment at Yale University with Dr. Ismene Petrakis, and the One Fire Hot Yoga Festival in DC. She was one of the main speakers at The Yoga and Mindfulness for Recovery Conference in Portland Maine and for the Exercise Is Medicine, Dept of Kinesiology - EIM-OC at the University of Georgia. 


Her primary focus is to help others identify how trauma lodges in the body, setting it up perfectly for addiction and alcoholism. Jeanne addresses addictions of every kind; from booze, drugs, food, sex, money, relationships, screens, social media, work-a-holism, OCD -- you name it.  

One Posture at a Time's vision is to change the way we think, treat, and feel about addiction and to others who have it, to remove the stigma and give rise to all those to suffer in order to heal the entire world of it. 

Jeanne is also a Nikki Myers Y12SR graduate and a certified Yin instructor.


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